Workshops and Classes 2018

Feldenkrais Works Ireland is a Dublin based practice in The Feldenkrais Method offering Feldenkrais classes, workshops, talks and presentations in Dublin as well as around Ireland. Feldenkrais Works Ireland is a member of Feldenkrais Ireland, the National Association of Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners in Ireland as well as a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK and is fully certified by the International Feldenkrais Accreditation Boards (EuroTAB, NATB).


Feldenkrais Classes at Holy Family Parish Centre,

12/13 Prussia Street, Dublin 7

9am – 10am, Friday mornings

6 April – 1 June 2018 inclusive

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8 week term €90

other payment options available

6 week option €75 / 4 week option €55 / drop-in €15

An 8 week term of classic lessons in the Feldenkrais Method. The Feldenkrais Method is a groundbreaking form of somatic education that can help people of all ages and abilities to improve ease of movement, flexibility and posture. Feldenkrais classes use guided awareness and slow gentle movements to create new possibilities and effectively alter limiting ways of moving, thinking and feeling. It is widely used in helping with pain, prevention of injury and rehabilitation, performance and neurological conditions.

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Booking: email Karen at

“The thing I love most about Feldenkrais is its attention to detail. It makes you slow down and check in with how you are feeling, something that we all too often forget to do in our lives. Its self centred in the best possible way. I look on it as a moving meditation. Its opened my eyes to habitual movement and ways of holding myself that have contributed to unnecessary pain. Through practising it I have improved my posture and my ability to deal with stress. At the end of an hour or two of Feldenkrais the relaxation and release I’ve felt has been akin to bliss!”
(Emma, Actor)